Essay 19 – University Education (Discuss Both Sides)

Some people believe that universities should only offer places to students with high marks. Others think that universities should offer a place to anyone of any age. Discuss both views and give your opinion?

Education has an immense role in acquiring a better profession. However, some suggest that universities are expected to admit everyone irrespective of any criteria. In contrast, in my opinion, college seats must be allocated only to those candidates who have an excellent academic profile.

On the one hand, certain people point out that everybody must have an opportunity for higher studies regardless of their previous scores and current age. To explain, since it is difficult to evaluate someone’s potential merely by analysing the school scores, the chances to express their capabilities must be given equally. For example, several aspirants have proved that although they were aged and failed in high school, they have scored well in university exams as they were dedicated to their studies during graduation.

On the other hand, others advocate that university entries must be given exclusively to those who have bright records. To elaborate, when contenders having meritorious achievements in their schooling are chosen, there will be a certainty in their learning quality. For instance, admission to the Indian Institute of Technology has been selected on entrance scores at two different levels which ensure skilled engineers to the society. 

After analysing both sides, I think that applicants must be screened on their scholastic performance for higher education as it increases overall results of university. To expandunless proficient students are approved to the academies, the new admits can be a burden if they cannot grasp the subjects and perform adequately in exams.

To summarise, even though there might be a chance that people can improve their abilities in future, it is best to reserve university admissions for candidates who have scored well because it guarantees promising pass outs.

1. Lexical Resources

  • Candidates, applicants, aspirants, contenders, competitors
  • Educational, academic, scholastic
  • Regardless, irrespective
  • Exclusively, merely, only
  • Selected, chosen, approved, screened
  • Assess, evaluate, analyse
  • Scores, marks, records, grades
  • Allocate, reserve
  • Proficient, excellent, bright
  • Potential, capability

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3. Grammatical Range

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