#3 Task 1 – Exports of Citrus Fruits (Bar Chart)

The graphs below show four categories of citrus fruits and the top three countries to which these where exported (in thousand tonnes) in 2012. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.

The charts compare different types of citrus fruit exports from a number of different countries in 2010.
Overall, oranges were by far the fruit that was exported the most, in terms of weight, followed by lemons and then grapefruits.
Orange exports were the highest, with South Africa exporting just over 1 million metric tons. Egypt and the US also exported a large amount of oranges, at 900,000 and 700,000 metric tons respectively. With regards to lemon exports, Turkey was the main exporter, with 500,000 metric tons, followed by Mexico and Argentina, at approximately 440,000 and 260,000 metric tons.
Grapefruits were the third most commonly exported fruit, with the U S and South Africa both exporting around 230,000 tons, while Turkey managed to export around 50,000 tons less than those countries. In terms of other types of citrus fruits, Mexico was responsible for 450,000 metric tons of exports. The US and Israel made minimal contributions in comparison.