Essay 22 – Online Shopping (Mixed Type)

Online shopping is significantly increasing. What effect does this have on people, what are the demerits and what are the job opportunities?

Unlike the past, people are quite interested in purchasing online. I think, the e-shopping trend has both positive and negative impacts on society meanwhile, it also has expanded career scope.

To begin with, one of the adverse impacts caused by buying commodities on the internet is purchasing habits of people has been multiplied. To explain, although there is no need to buy the item, people have a temptation to own it even if they are going to use it hardly. Similarly, the chances of being deceived is much higher than direct shopping. For example, there are many cases of cybercrime reported in which customer’s debit or credit card details are hacked during online transactions and later misused.

On the contrary, e-commerce has made shopping far more convenient for people. To substantiate, since the clients neither need to travel nor select from limited choices, e-shops have evaded the difficulties faced while visiting the store directly. For instance, if one wants to buy a phone, they want to visit different marts to know about distinct brands, whilst an easy comparison of each piece has given on the shopping websites such as Amazon enable time-saving-easy purchase.

Additionally, teleshopping generates abundant employment opportunities. To elaborate, from the creation and management of websites to packing and delivering orders required a greater number of employees. These job openings range from well qualified IT professionals such as Graphic designers, and customer service agents to distributors.

To conclude, the increasing habit of virtual shopping has not only favoured the people but also resulted in a few consequences. However, it provides occupations for variously skilled people.

1. Lexical Resources

  • Online shopping, e-shopping, e-commerce, teleshopping, virtual shopping
  • Commodities, products, items
  • Profession, job, occupation, career
  • Multiplied, increased, expand

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