#8 Task 1 – Leisure and Household Activities (Mixed Type)

The table and chart show the time spent as leisure and household activities in 2008. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.

Leisure Activities (average minute per day) Men Women
TV, video, radio 137 118
Reading 18 19
Sport 15 11

The table and bar chart compare the time invested by men and women in entertainment and household chores every day in 2008.

Overall, females engaged mostly in household affairs whereas males enjoyed their major time in recreations.

Regarding leisure activities, gents spent 137 minutes for TV, video and radio while ladies had only 118 minutes which was maximum time allocated by both genders. Although women were involved in sports for 11 minutes per day, it was slightly lesser than their counterparts by 4 minutes. However, in reading, both genders utilized similar amount of time; around 18 minutes.

Considering the bar graph, the duration allotted by gents on cooking and washing was one-third of that of ladies who paid 75 minutes. Interestingly, both the genders had contradicting involvement in repair works and clothes washing and ironing, with men contributing twice the time in repair works as that of women. Additionally, the time disbursed by men on washing clothes and ironing was the same as that of women on repair. In terms of shopping, men and women allocated 25 and 35 minutes respectively.