Essay 25 – Expensive Weddings (Positive or Negative Development)

Weddings are getting bigger and more expensive. What is the reason for this? Is it a positive or negative development?

Although there are individual justifications for conducting weddings exorbitantly, I think it is an adverse development since it does not contribute any benefits.

To begin with, one of the major reasons why people conduct luxurious marriage is to make it remarkable. To explain, the emotional approach to the function is tremendous because many consider marriage the special day of their lives which promotes them to do it lavishly. For example, even if the shooting of pre-marriage videos has become an extra expense, couples eagerly want to do it to make their marriage memorable.

Moreover, wealthy people tend to express their affluence by executing weddings grandly. To elaborate, as people are materialistic, they want to show off their richness before others by expending abundantly on family ceremonies by arranging a grand feast, luxurious vehicles and wearing costly jewellery. For instance, families give lakhs to the event management groups to organise wedding in a five-star hotel.

However, I think that disbursing plenty of cash on weddings is not a constructive step since it causes wastage of money as well as food. To explain, as part of showing prosperity, families often arrange an excess of every cuisine and also do needless outlay on dresses, stage and decorations. It conveys a social notion that unless weddings are conducted bigger, they neither be considered admirable nor respected in the society. This compels the middle-classed people to do the same by taking loans or debts from others.

To conclude, nowadays people tend to celebrate their wedding in a prosperous manner either to explicit their wealth or just to make it unforgettable. Nevertheless, it is a destructive development as it is merely an unnecessary expenditure.

1. Lexical Resources

  • Exorbitant, luxurious, lavish, grand
  • Effluence, prosperity, rich, wealth
  • Expenditure, invest, outlay expense
  • Unforgettable, memorable, remarkable
  • Explicit, show off
  • Ceremonies, function
  • Unnecessary, needless, excess
  • Conduct, organise, execute, arrange

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