Essay 14 – Extinction of Animals (Agree or Disagree)

Animals are in danger of extinction. Some people think that we should protect only those animals, which are useful to humans. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Today, several living beings, have been endangered on earth. However, there is an opinion that only those species which are beneficial to humans need to be conserved; on the contrary, I think that all creatures deserve to be saved from the threat of extermination despite their uses.

To begin with, the existence of every flora and fauna is vital for a sustainable ecosystem. To substantiate, each organism is correlated with another member in the ecology in a complex way that one’s extinction can prompt devastating effects through the food chain. For example, once the Dodo bird have disappeared, the major noted effect was the inability of the Calvaria tree to germinate seeds since they were mutually linked to each other for the completion of the life cycle. Therefore, the loss of any critter disrupts the equilibrium of the entire living system.  

Moreover, the richness in biodiversity is always helpful for a safe and healthy environment. To explain, it is because of the combination of a variety of organisms, functions such as soil fertilization, nutrient recycling, and pest and disease regulation are maintained. For instance, environmental researches have proved that even though it seems less practical, the efforts are done to bring back the Woolly Mammoth as it might help to recover the lost grass land which control climate favorably. Thus, although the species appears to be worthless from human’s perspective, they must have a unique role in maintaining the harmonic balance of nature.

To conclude, for a functional and stable environment the protection of all living creatures is significant regardless of how much they are profitable to human lives.

1. Lexical Resources

  • Living beings, organisms, species, animals, critters, flora and fauna, creatures
  • Extinction, extermination, disappearance, endanger
  • Conserve, save, protect, preserve
  • Sustainable, stable, harmonic balance
  • Beneficial, helpful, profitable, worthwhile
  • Correlated, linked
  • Ecosystem, ecology, living system, environment

2. Coherence and Cohesion

    Linkers and linking words are indicated in red color.

3. Grammatical Range

    Variety of complex and compound sentences are highlighted in green color.