Essay 15 – Neighbours in Large Cities (Problems and Solutions)

Today, many people do not know their neighbours in large cities. What problems does this cause? What can be done about this?

In urban areas, those who stay next door hardly interact each other. I think that insufficient communication among neighbours will diminish social coordination. Thus, certain solutions must be taken to strengthen the relationships of the co-tenants.

To begin with, one of the issues resulting from less interaction among inhabitants is the loss of social qualities. To explain, when individuals are hostile to their fellow mates, it makes them self-centered, which in turn abates the human virtues such as sharing and support. For example, there are several cases reported in cities where neighbours might not be aware of the murder that happened in the house next to them, unless police begin enquiry.

Additionally, in metropolitan areas, the attitude of people not to communicate with others makes them unaware of various perspectives. To elaborate, only by interacting with others, a person can explore distinct personalities and cultures. For instance, having a good conversation with neighbours often improve individual’s viewpoint regarding communal issues which does not take place in cities due to the lesser neighbourhood acquaintances.

Nevertheless, certain measures can be adopted to increase the intimacy of neighbours. The flat owners can take an initiative to conduct residential programmes during the time of regional festivals. Besides, making amenities such as a gym, swimming pool, and play area inside the apartments increases the chances of meeting together by which a personal bonding can be generated. Hence, encouraging the city tenants to indulge in gatherings can improve the attachment toward co-residents.

In conclusion, the problems such as lack of unity and mutual assistance can result from the inadequate contact between neighbours, however, they can be rectified by enjoying traditional events and leisure activities collectively.

1. Lexical Resources

  • Neighbours, co-tenants, fellow mates, co-residents, inmates
  • Abate, reduce, decrease
  • Interaction, mingle, involvement, participation, cooperation
  • Intimacy, attachment, bond
  • Insufficient, inadequate
  • Organise, conduct

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3. Grammatical Range

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