Essay 23 – Foreign Language (Analysis of Advantages Outweigh Disadvantages)

In many countries, teaching a foreign language to primary school students is essential. Do you think the advantages of teaching a foreign language to young learners outweigh the disadvantages?

Points to Remember

Teaching a Foreign Language in Primary School



Improves communication skills It can be a burden to students as they hardly use it
More flexible and creative thinking It may lead to confusion between native and foreign language
It is the best age to grasp new language It may delay language development
Pronunciation would be better Lack of well-structured curriculum
They are more likely to become fluent It can be ineffective
Increased exposure Develop language anxiety
Strengthens memory skills
Cultivates respect for other cultures
Attainment of a native-like accent
Children are more receptive learners than adults
Building confidence and understanding

Suggested Introduction

  1. In several nations, it is compulsory to learn a foreign language in elementary school. I think that exposure to a new language at an early age would be more beneficial to children rather than drawbacks.
  2. Although it is mandatory to have foreign language education in primary schools, I think that it would have more adverse impacts on students as compared to the merits.

Suggested Body Paragraphs

  1. To begin with, one of the advantages / disadvantages of including a foreign language in the primary curriculum is that…

          To explain, …

          For example, …

  1. Moreover, another benefit / difficulty resulting from obligatory learning of second language is that…

          To elaborate, …

          For instance, …

  1. On the contrary / However, teaching another language in primary level has certain problems/ benefits as it …

          To expand, …

          A case in point is that, …

You can either write two advantages and one disadvantage or two disadvantages and one advantage. Points are listed in the above table.

Suggested Outweigh Paragraph

  1. Considering the pros and cons of learning foreign language in primary classes, the negative outcomes are more as compared to the positive effects as it makes (write two disadvantages which you have written) students confused and pressurized on studies.


  1. In my opinion, ‘studying foreign language in primary schools’ has more advantages as compared to its negative impacts. Moreover, the ‘disadvantage’ caused by compulsory education can be solved by using proper methods whereas benefits such as ‘advantage 1’ and ‘advantage 2’ are really worthwhile.


  1. In my opinion, ‘studying foreign language in primary schools’ has more disadvantages as compared to its positive impacts. Moreover, the demerits like ‘disadvantage 1’ and ‘disadvantage 2’ caused by compulsory education cannot be solved by using proper methods whereas  advantage 1’ has minimal effects.

Suggested Conclusion

  1. To conclude, teaching foreign language to primary students has more advantages than disadvantages.


  1. To conclude, teaching foreign language to primary students has more disadvantages than advantages.