Essay 26 – Effect of Technology On Rich And Poor (Discuss Both Sides)

Some believe that advances in technology are increasing the gap between rich and poor while others think the opposite is happening. Discuss both sides and give your own opinion.

Although there is an argument that improvement in technology has reduced the economic disparities among people, I think that technological growth has widened the differences between the lower and upper classes of society.

On the one hand, certain people say that advancements in technical areas intensified the inequality between wealthy and indigent people by making distinctions in what they could afford. To explain, since modern gadgets and updated technologies required a fair amount of money, the destitute can neither buy nor use them whereas those things become the privilege of the affluent community. For example, space tourism has been a choice merely for the billionaires as its expenses cost trillions which cannot be paid by poor people.

On the other hand, others advocate that progress in the technological field narrowed the gap among people in terms of their financial aspects. To elaborate, with the increased use of technology, every service and opportunity becomes easily accessible to all individuals irrespective of their economic background. For instance, mobile phones have helped people to attend courses offered by abroad universities even by sitting in their home which was previously practical only for wealthy students.

After analysing both sides, I think that development in technology broadened the economic division in people because individuals tend to use technological devices as their status symbols. To expand, they use the most updated version of appliances and automobiles to show off their prosperity before others such as having an expensive iPhone or a well luxurious car to represent themselves as rich.

To conclude, advances in technology enlarged the economic dividend among people since their uses are constrained as per the financial potential of the person.

Word count : 277

1. Lexical Resources

  • Development, advancement, improvement, growth, progress
  • Disparities, differences, inequalities, inequity
  • Affluence, wealth, rich, prosperity
  • Poor, destitute, underprivileged, indigent
  • Widen, broaden, intensified
  • Gadgets, devices, appliances

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