Essay 8 – Excess Study Hours (Positive or Negative)

In some countries, the parents expect children to spend long time in studying both in and after school and have less free time. Do you think it has positive or negative effects on children and the society?

In some nations, parents compel students to invest in their studies not only during school hours but also forced to do it in their spare time. I argue that excessive study hours have detrimental effects on the welfare of children as well as society.

To begin with, devoting too much time on academics makes children frustrated. To explain, since they are neither allowed to enjoy their childhood by playing nor engaging in extracurricular activities, they often feel pressurised and exhausted while studying. In fact, over studying can actually be harmful to the child physically, psychologically and academically. For example, research shows that academic stress leads to less well-being and an increased likelihood of developing anxiety or depression. Therefore, extra pressure on studies will have adverse impacts on children’s overall health.

In addition to that, the undesirable outcome of excess study time is that it weakens student’s practical skills which are mandatory for the development of society. To make it clear, if they focus only on their book works, it will diminish their interactive skills and communicative ability. It can be learnt only from relationships and social gatherings which in turn make them inferior in facing life challenges. For instance, children who concentrate only on their curriculum tend to be more introverted and isolated from others. Thus, it is mandatory to have leisure time otherwise students may develop social anxiety and lack of coordination skills.

In conclusion, an excessive study period with reduced leisure time would have adverse impacts on children’s psychological health as well as social productivity.

1. Lexical Resources

  • Compel, force, pressurise
  • Spent, invest, devote, dedicate
  • Spare time, free time, leisure time
  • Excess, extra, additional
  • Detrimental, harmful, adverse
  • Reduce, diminish, weaken

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