Essay 4 – News Media (Positive or Negative)

News media is important in our society. Why is it so important? Do you think its influence is generally positive or negative?

News media has a substantial role in the propagation of information. Therefore, I think, the effect of news media on the public is beneficial despite a few consequences.

To begin with, the news media is significant for imparting a wide range of information all over the world. To elaborate, there are numerous television channels and social media which are not only effective in creating awareness but also in generating opinions on various aspects of life such as politics, culture, arts, sports and health. Besides, it acts as a mediator between the authorities and laymen. For example, news industry is a source by which people are getting latest updates on sensational issues such as Russia – Ukraine war. Hence, news media is critical in providing communication to every person irrespective of national boundaries.

In my opinion, the influence of news media on the public is favourable as it could make government strategies and individual perspectives transparent to everyone. Indeed, it makes people aware of several incidents happening around them. Consequently, having proper knowledge regarding current affairs assists individuals to discuss and share views on different crisis which makes them act accordingly. For instance, during the Covid pandemic, the collective effort of newspapers, radio, television channels helped people to take precautions in order to curb the transmission of virus. Thus, new media is useful as it favors implementing a new approach successfully.

To summarize, news media are crucial in channelizing information to a mass number of people within a short span of time. Moreover, these impacts of news media on people is quite advantageous since it makes them knowledgeable of latest happenings.

1. Lexical Resources

  • Important, substantial, significant, critical, necessary, crucial, vital, imperative, essential, focal
  • Propagate, share, spread, circulate, transmit
  • Effect, impact, consequence, result, outcome
  • Useful, worthwhile, beneficial, effective, valuable, advantageous, supportive
  • Many, numerous, several
  • Various, different, distinct
  • Views, opinion, perspective

2. Coherence & Cohesion

Linkers and linking words are indicated in red color.

3. Grammatical Range

Complex and compound sentences are highlighted in green color.