Essay 5 – Foreign Food (Advantages Outweigh Disadvantages)

People can eat a wide variety of food of other regions. As a result, they are eating a lot of foreign food instead of locally produced food. Do you think the advantages of eating foreign food are more than its harms?

Recently the foreign cuisines are dominating the local ones as it has huge demand. However, I think that the consumption of exotic foods over regional products has more detrimental effects than its benefits.

To begin with, consuming imported food products instead of native varieties is unfavourable for a healthy life. To elaborate, most overseas foods are adulterated with preservatives and additives to make them delicious and attractive whereas the regionally produced are fresh and nutritive. For example, regular consumption of imported sausage and frozen meat can even cause cancer while including locally grown vegetables and fruits in diet improve immunity.

Additionally, the foreign food invasion affects the domestic food industry adversely. To substantiate, the sale of many native food items reduced significantly as people’s interest shifted to unfamiliar dishes. Subsequently, those linked to this field including peasants, local vendors, and small-scale entrepreneurs lost their profit which in turn weakened the local economy as well. For example, foreign brands such as KFC and McDonald’s have taken over the Indian market by which the popularity of the Indian foods declined thereby affected the income of rural dwellers.

However, the plenty of food varieties enable the individuals to explore different tastes instead of having the same for their whole life. Indeed, it gives an opportunity to understand culture as well as ingredients they use. For example, although Italian foods such as pasta and pizza use the seasonings of their country’s origin, everyone gets a chance to try them as it is available in almost all restaurants.

In my opinion, while economy and health of the individuals are adversely affected, the choices of food cannot be considered as advantageous. To conclude, the habit of eating loads of exotic foods instead of locally produced has more adverse impacts over merits.

1. Lexical Resources

  • Foreign, overseas, exotic, imported
  • Food, cuisine, dishes
  • Local, regional, native, rural
  • Reduce, diminish, decrease
  • Advantage, benefit, merits

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