Essay 11 – Buildings and Controls (Advantages Outweigh Drawbacks)

In some cities there are few controls over the design and construction of homes and other buildings, and owners can decide on the design of their houses. Do the advantages of this outweigh the drawbacks?

In several cities, government is not imposing any restriction over individuals to build the houses and offices in their desired manner. However, I think if owners construct buildings as per their choices, it will cause severe social consequences despite a few benefits.

To begin with, one of the issues is that people will not follow safety standards when free will is granted for construction works. To elaborate, certain places are prone to natural catastrophes, so the houses must be durable to withstand them. For example, in Japan, the architects have to keep guidelines by authorities to ensure the security of the homes from earthquakes.

Additionally, if people can make settlements regardless of rules, it may interrupt urban planning. To explain, unless the buildings are regulated, it may hinder infrastructures such as roads, power and water supplies. For instance, improperly planned skyscrapers could be a significant hazard to the airline industry by blocking the airline route.

On the contrary, individual’s ingenuity can be explored when the constructions are not controlled by others. To expand, only when people are free to attempt their innovations on shape, size and materials, revolutionistic changes are likely to occur in architecture. For example, iconic design of Burj Khalifa in Dubai would not have been happened if builders were limited to explore their creativity.

Although the freedom of owners in designing building improvises the appearance and uniqueness of each structure, the risk factors such as vulnerability to calamities and interruption of basic developments have to be taken seriously. To summarise, giving privileges to individuals to construct settlements according to their interests have more detrimental effects than merits.

1. Lexical Resources

  • Building, construction, home, house, settlement
  • Restrictions, regulations, rules, guidelines, controls
  • Creativity, innovation, ingenuity
  • Calamities, catastrophes
  • Choices, interests, free will, freedom

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3. Grammatical Range

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