Essay 10 – Developing Countries & Space Exploration (Agree or Disagree)

Some people think the money spent in developing countries for space exploration is not justified. There are more beneficial ways to spend this money. To what extend do you agree or disagree?

Nowadays several countries are investing millions of monies in space research. Although galactic exploration has certain benefits, I think that developing nations should reserve that budget for other areas since the internal development of the nation is significant.

To begin with, poverty is the core concern faced by progressing countries, so huge expenses on planetary studies is not sensible as it does not favour the common people. To elaborate, in those nations only a small portion of the population is experiencing a better standard of living whereas the majority are destitute and lacking better shelter and clothes. For instance, Brazil which is an underdeveloped country has disbursed billions for their rocket project, on the contrary, it was advisable to allocate that money for maternal health care since the highest rates of infant mortality were observed there. Therefore, it is a reverse growth that outlaying money on space without solving the national issues such as hunger and poor health.

Moreover, the emerging nations have to improve their basic infrastructure first rather than spending plenty of cash on space studies. To explain, there are several fundamental requirements such as transportation, water supplies and sanitation which need to be considered over space navigation. For example, the Indian government costed approximately Rs.600 crores for their moon mission – Chandrayan 2; meanwhile there are villages in India where electricity is still not available.

To conclude, it is a prudent choice that those countries which are not developed yet must not spend their funds on space projects as it is quite expensive and urgent financial support is required to improve the living standards of the people.

1.Lexical Resources

  • Space, galactic, planetary, outer space
  • Developing, emerging, progressing
  • Reserve, allocate, invest
  • Fund, budget
  • Facilities, amenities
  • Spend, disburse, expend
  • Project, mission

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