Essay 12 – Machines & Automation (Merits & Demerits)

Now the machine is very complex, and a lot of difficult work is automated. Does this machine automation have more merits than demerits?

Today, various sophisticated machines are available for making difficult jobs feasible. I think, the use of advanced equipment in the work fields has more benefits than drawbacks.

To begin with, one of the advantages of automatic instruments is that it enables fast and efficient productivity as compared to manual work. To explain, the machines are structured in a way that can accomplish the complex works in an incredible speed and precision. For example, the computer can analyse huge data within minutes while it takes months for human to complete the task.

Moreover, the automation facilitates to create numerous identical products as per the industrial standards. To elaborate, when appliances have been adjusted, it can manufacture products with exact accuracy. This is especially useful in mass production. For instance, the machine packaging of cool drinks has the same volume and quality as long as the settings were not altered.

On the other hand, the major issue resulting from the application of automatic devices is the loss of employment. To expand, a machine can carry out the work of several individuals and work faster than humans displaces employees effectively. Consequently, most companies will opt to use machines resulting in unemployment. For example, the people who were working as watchmen lost their occupations with the advent of security cameras.

Since the advantages such as higher efficiency and perfection of machines cannot be attained in alternative ways, the usage of machinery works is worthwhile even if it declines job opportunities. To conclude, as automation is immensely effective and yields better outcomes, the flaws can be neglected over gains.

1. Lexical Resources

  • Machine, device, appliance, equipment
  • Job, task, employment, occupation
  • Drawbacks, flaws, demerits
  • Sophisticated, complex
  • Manufacture, produce, create
  • Useful, beneficial, effective, facilitate
  • Comparable, identical, same
  • Advantages, gains, benefits

2. Coherence & Cohesion

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3. Grammatical Range

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