Essay 16 – Housing Shortage in Cities (Agree or Disagree)

The shortage of housing in big cities can cause severe consequences. Only government action can solve this problem. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

In metropolitan cities, one of the major crises faced by people is insufficient accommodation facilities. However, I think that only government can solve the housing shortage because they have the power to make regulations.

To begin with, the majority of the areas in cities are owned by the government so they can only make improvements in the residential capacity. To explain, they can initiate several projects for utilising barren lands for building apartments and also to renovate existing amenities to accommodate people. For example, the Indian government has implemented several schemes for developing the slum area into habitable places. Therefore, only the governments can make rapid advancements in dwelling establishments since they hold a greater amount of land as compared to individuals.

Besides, government has the supreme power to make necessary changes in urban planning. To elaborate, adequate number of flats and villas can be designed only by effective  supervision and calculation  of population in that particular location which can be done  only by  a responsible authority.. As they can formulate an agenda to allocate specific hectares in a locality for constructing quarters without affecting other areas of development. For instance, Mumbai corporation has encouraged private firms to build vertical buildings rather than horizontal types as they can accommodate more people in a minimum place. Thus, with supervision and management monitored by authorities, the housing scarcity in cities can be curtailed effectively.

To conclude, governments can only resolve the issue of lack of houses in cities as they are the ones who can organise and transform the entire city as per the requirements.

1. Lexical Resources

  • Housing, accommodation, habitable places, dwelling establishments
  • Buildings, apartments, flats, villas
  • Advancement, improvement
  • Shortage, inadequacy, insufficient, scarcity
  • Plan, agenda, organise, formulate
  • Amenities, facilities

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