Essay 17 – Fitness (Analysis of Both Sides and Opinion)

Some believe that the best way to stay fit is to join a gym or health club while others think doing everyday activities such as walking and climbing stairs is enough. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Points to remember

Joining a Gym or Health Club Doing Everyday Activities
Systematic training Can do it in natural environment
Access to expert knowledge Free of cost
Access to equipment Minimum chances for injuries
You get an all-weather workout Suitable for everyone
Boosts confidence Easy to do
It keeps you motivated More convenient
Guidance is provided
Classes and community services
Negatives Negatives
Can feel like a rather artificial Takes time to be fit
Can be costly Can’t get proper guidance
May do harm than good if not done properly Weather may affect the activities
Some people take it too far Limited activities
Not suitable for everyone

Suggested Introduction

  1. Nowadays people are greatly concerned about their fitness. The interested people may either enrol in a gym or health club or include exercises in their daily routines. However, I think that joining gym or health club is better to be fit as it is more effective.
  2. Unlike the past, the people choose various methods in order to stay fit such as joining gym or health clubs or doing simple exercises like running or climbing stairs. Nevertheless, I think that merely performing daily activities would not guarantee proper fitness whereas gymnasium and health club are apt choices.
  3. It is a matter of debate whether doing every day physical activities is as beneficial as going to a gym. In my opinion, joining a gymnasium is a better way to maintain physical fitness than routine activities.

Suggested Body Paragraphs

  1. On the one hand, some people prefer to join a health club or a gym to stay strong as it provides training and guidance. To explain, …………….
  2. On the other hand, others recommend people to be healthy by engaging in day to day activities which are easy to perform and suitable for everyone. To elaborate, …………

(Elaborate the paragraphs using any two points listed in the table)

Suggested Opinion Paragraphs

  1. After analysing both the views, though gyms can ensure faster results to most of the people, I think in busy life, doing walking or climbing stairs is more convenient and easier.
  2. In my opinion, expert training obtained from gym or health club is more beneficial to stay fit as it ensures better results and fitness can be attained in relatively lesser time.


Suggested Conclusions

  1. To conclude, doing everyday activities in proper manner is enough for a person to be healthy.
  2. To sum up, either joining gymnasium or health club is advisable for having a better fitness