Essay 28 – Lack of Interpersonal Skills Among New Employees (Reasons & Solutions)

Some business find that their new employees lack basic interpersonal skills such as cooperative skills. What are the causes? Suggest possible solution.

Many business firms found that their newly appointed staffs are insufficient in interactive abilities. Although there are several reasons for the inadequacy of fundamental social skills among workers, it can be solved by adopting appropriate methods.

To begin with, the education system is inefficient to develop practical skills in students which are later impacted in their future careers. To explain, since the schools and colleges evaluate students based on individual performance rather than their group efforts, their opportunities to mingle with others are not at all encouraged. For example, the academic curriculum has been organised in a way that prioritises theoretical knowledge instead of fieldwork and group discussions.

Additionally, newly recruited workers lack professional learning experience as they are not trained adequately. To elaborate, fresh employees are not even exposed to a team project until they join a company which creates difficulty in making a formal relationship with their co-workers. For instance, several newly posted workers have confusion regarding how to respond to others. 

However, the interpersonal skills of the just posted employees can be improved by implementing necessary modifications in education and the job environment. To expand, during school education, along with academics, equal importance must be given to group activities which could increase collaboration skills from an early age. Besides, companies must give a chance for new staff to acquaint themselves with others and training should also be given to make them more comfortable.

To conclude, an unproductive education system and the absence of previous exposure to the working field can be the causes of poor cooperation and coordination in new employees, nevertheless, it can be tackled by taking proper steps from the school level to the work sector.

Words: 280

1. Lexical Resources

  • Insufficient, lack, inadequacy
  • Inefficient, unsuccessful, unproductive
  • Interactive, social, collaborative, cooperation, coordination
  • Employees, staffs, workers
  • Appointed, recruited, joined, posted
  • Proper, appropriate, adequate

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