Essay 29 – Effects of Fertilisers and Machinery (Advantages Outweigh Disadvantages)

Food can be produced much more cheaply today because of improved fertilisers and better machinery. However, some of the methods used to do this may be dangerous to human health and may have negative effects on local communities do u think advantages outweigh disadvantages?

Unlike the past, the agricultural sector has been modernised in several aspects. I think that although advanced machinery and fertilisers in agriculture boosted production and minimised expenditure, it resulted in more adverse impacts than benefits.

To begin with, one of the disadvantages of the use of machines in the cultivation of crops is that it increased unemployment rates in the region. To explain, since a large portion of people are depending on agriculture-related work, the use of machines replaced their labour because it is more effective and time-consuming. For example, tractors are used to perform ploughing, tilling, and narrowing whereas all these works were earlier done by labourers in that locality.

Additionally, the artificial fertilisers sprayed on agricultural products can be the reason for various health issues. To expand, chemicals contained in synthetic fertilisers enter the human body through food and induce certain side effects. For instance, high levels of nitrates in chemical fertilizers inflict kidney and liver disturbances.

However, the modern equipment and fertilising methods in agriculture earned the mass production of food. To extend, as it becomes easier to produce food for a large population by stimulating the yield by applying chemical stimulants and using machines while traditional methods and organic manures were found ineffective. A case in point is that as part of the green revolution; modernisation in agriculture, a great rise in the production of food grains has been observed in developing countries.

Considering the pros and cons of practising modern strategies in food production, it has more drawbacks than advantages as it reduces regional job availability and causes critical health problems to humans which are serious concerns having long-term impacts.

To conclude, improved techniques and practices used in agriculture create more difficulties for society than usefulness.

1. Lexical Resources

  • Advanced, modern, improved
  • Boost, increase, rise
  • Artificial, synthetic
  • Induce, inflict, cause
  • Earn, achieve
  • Critical, serious
  • Hostile, adverse, cons, concerns, difficulties
  • Fertilizer, manure

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