Essay 31 – Alien Communication (Discuss Both Sides)

Some scientists think that there are intelligent life forms on other planets and messages should be sent to contact them while other scientists think that is a bad idea and it would be dangerous. Discuss both the views and give your opinion.

Nowadays, space research has been an evolving science field.  Although an argument exists that communicating with extra-terrestrial living beings can be hazardous, I think that developing a relationship with them is beneficial in various aspects.
On the one hand, certain scientists argue that making a contact with other galactic forms can be destructive to the earth. To explain, any civilization detecting our signals is likely to be technologically advanced and powerful. Therefore, if we actively message to get their attention, those whom we contact would not necessarily have our best interests in mind. For example, by alerting our presence, aliens may colonize our planet and use earthlings as a food source. 
On the other hand, others suggest sending messages to extrinsic creatures on other planets would help us to find remedies for surviving the climatic changes on the earth. To expand, since most of the planets have adverse living conditions, communication with celestial beings persisting there would assist us to gain information regarding how to overcome those catastrophes. For instance, on Mars, the temperature swings drastically to extreme cold and hot, if we could receive a response from any living creatures there, we could learn about how they are tackling those circumstances.
After analysing both sides, I think, it is better to message intelligent life forms on other planets because it may help us to expand our knowledge and technology. To elaborate, forming a relationship with other planets could be an initiative to have a universal identity and coordination in sharing information.
To conclude, an attempt to contact intelligent life forms on other planets would be a wise decision as it may help us to solve our existing climatic problems as well as to broaden cosmic knowledge.
Word count: 286
1. Lexical Resources
  • Aliens, extra-terrestrial living beings, galactic life forms, extrinsic creatures
  • Communicate, contact, message
  • Persist, survive
  • Overcome, tackle, solve
  • Destructive, hazardous, catastrophic

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