Essay 32 – Plastic & Environment (Problem & Solution)

Plastic bags, plastic bottles, and plastic packaging are bad for the environment. What damage does plastic do to the environment? What can be done by governments and individuals to solve this problem?

Although plastic is an inevitable part of our day-to-day lives, it is a peril to our environment. The damage it causes to our surroundings are numerous; however, it can be resolved if appropriate measures are undertaken by governments and individuals.

One of the major damages that plastic bags, bottles and packaging cause to the environment is soil pollution. To expand, being non-biodegradable, plastics remain in the soil for longer period. This can affect the soil organisms and soil quality, thereby hindering the plant growth and agricultural production. Another significant problem related to plastic is that it can be a threat to land and aquatic animals. To elaborate, sometimes animals like cow, fish, and turtles may assume plastic covers as food and consume it. Having caused indigestion, it leads to death of these animals. For instance, several such incidents are reported in Indian media.

To tackle the proliferating plastic wastes, both authorities and people should implement initiatives. At government level, they should ban plastic, especially single use polythene products. Through research, eco-friendly alternatives should be invented. Moreover, as responsible citizens, people should adopt existing greener options for plastics. To make it clear, cloth and paper bags should be used for carrying things while plastic utensils can be replaced with glass or aluminum jars. Most importantly, for the unavoidable polyethylene items, governing bodies should arrange recycling plants as well as an effective collecting system, and individuals at their best should cooperate with the officials.

In conclusion, considering the adverse impacts of plastic on soil quality and on animals’ lives, it should be either banned or alternatives should be introduced by governments. It is also imperative that the public joins hands with the administrators in eliminating plastic pollution.

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